Bee Natural Honey

Since 1969 Provider of Vast Variety of Honey sourced from Nature's Finest Nectars

Bee Natural Honey © has been supplied to supermarkets located in Florida and the South East since our founding in 1969. Since that time, we have become fully distributed in all Publix locations nationwide. We are also a long time supplier to Supervalu and their network of corporate and independent grocers. And as recently as 2015, our honey began to be shelved at Walmart and Target locations across Florida. We are perfectly situated to supply top quality, Florida honey under our long time respected brand.

Specific to Bee Natural Honey

while we do bottle mono-floral honeys sourced from bees from many other parts of the country that primarily forage solely one type of floral source, we majority source our bread and butter South Florida wildflower honey from a long time established network of trusted South Florida based bee keepers. The best beekeepers sends us the best honey. The unique taste of the honey the bees produce here is the result of South Florida bees being able to forage nectar from the large cornucopia of floral sources that exist as a result of South Florida’s tropical climate.

1.1 oz. Tupelo Honey gift

Tastiest and Healthiest Possible

In order to insure we bring to our customers the tastiest and healthiest possible Vast Variety of our Honey, our honey is bottled unfiltered using minimum heat. This is done to maintain the properties that give our honey its distinct natural color, flavor, and aroma. In addition, such minimum processing insures our honey retains its complete natural mix of enzymes, pollens, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and antimicrobial properties.

1.1 oz. Tupelo Honey gifts