1.1 oz. USDA Organic Honey

Our 1.1 oz. Honey Types

Introducing our new 1.1 oz. USDA Certified Organic Honey and our award winning honey types. The perfect gift at weddings, corporate events, Hotels, catering, Airbnb, and much more. to buy visit us at  BeeNaturalHoney.com/

Organic Honey

Bee Natural Honey excited to introduce you to our 1.1 oz. USDA Certified Wildflower Organic Honey glass jars. rare and hard to get honey. This honey is our 1.1 oz. jar’s flag ship. It has an extremely pleasant flavor and aroma. We harness the goodness of wild grown flowers to share that Nature’s always known. USDA certified Organic Honey, Rich Pure, Unfiltered, Real Organic Honey,

Tupelo Honey 1 oz

Tupelo Honey

Rich Pure Natural Honey derived from the nectar of the Tupelo blossom, Our Tupelo honey is produced in the panhandle of FL. Tupelo trees grow along the rivers and creeks in the area. Tupelo trees have clusters of greenish flowers, which later develop into soft, berrylike fruits. Produced during a small window in April and May, the honey is a lighter honey with a mild, remarkable pleasant flavor. Tupelo honey is very rare and hard to find.

Wildflower Honey Master Pack 240 1.1oz Jars of Honey

Wildflower Honey

derived from a variety of wildflowers and plants which are blooming all throughout the year in South Florida. Wildflower honey can range anywhere from a very dark honey to a light honey. Every year it changes with what blooms are produced by what plants. Rainfall and weather affect what plants are produced. We can have various types of wildflower honey in the same year due to different hive locations in the region. This honey has a delightful taste and is a great all around honey to use.

1.1oz Orange Blossom Honey

Orange Blossom Honey

Florida Rich Pure Orange Blossom honey primarily comes from bees foraging the flowers of the orange blossoms on orange trees. But it can also be from a combination of citrus sources. Orange Blossom is usually light in color and mild in flavor with a fresh scent and light citrus taste. Orange blossom honey is produced in Florida, Southern California and parts of Texas.

Why buy our honey?

You will truly love this high-end delicious honey glass jars. it is superior to all 1 oz. honey jars in the market today. 

USDA Certified Organic Honey Master Pack 240 1.1oz Jars of Honey
1 oz. organic honey
1.1 oz. Organic Honey

Who should buy the 1.1 oz. glass jars?

The 1.1 ounce jars of honey are so versatile and will be appreciated in a huge range of settings. Hotels can use the Honey in a variety of ways such as giving out to guests as they check in, having the honey in the rooms on the desk with the paper and pens as a welcome package, as a great condiment at breakfast/meals, at Corporate events – the guests will truly love this high end delicious gift. For any type of event such as weddings, corporate, anniversaries, holiday parties, etc., guests will love to have this as a novelty gift to take home.  The honey is also great for Airbnb, VRBO and any type of rental property as guests will be thrilled to be gifted with this beautiful and delicious treat.  In addition, these jars are a fabulous addition to airline meals.  They will greatly enhance the dining experiences of the travelers.

1oz. USDA Certified Organic Honey
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1.1 oz. Tupelo Honey
1.1 oz. USDA Organic Honey
1.1 oz. Tupelo Honey gift
Honey gift 1 oz.
1.1 oz. Orange Blossom Honey

Airline 1.1 oz. Organic Honey Jars